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What is the difference between a child psychologist and a child therapist


The field of psychology and the field of therapy is quite different in training and education, but very similar in practice.

Children’s therapists or Children’s counselors do not, necessarily, have a psychology background, but are able to treat all issues as a licensed professional in the field.

Psychologists are not trained in the same manner as a therapist in their schooling, and tend to focus more on assessments and evaluations.

However, both practitioners are able to provide therapy and counseling as licensed practitioners.

There’s a big variety in therapeutic approaches and counseling approaches, but psychology is a pretty standard practice.

So you might have a mental health counselor, a marriage and family counselor, a clinical social worker, a licensed professional counselor, all of which can work with Children, but have probably been trained in different ways.

Psychologists are trained with standard psychology backgrounds, but their focus is typically diagnosing and conducting evaluations and assessments to support the work of therapy and counseling.

So often, if a parent is searching for a professional to evaluate and/or diagnose a child’s issues, then they will want to seek out a psychologist.

However, if the search is to help a child with behavioral and/or emotional issues, then the parent would want to seek out a therapist.

Often counselors and psychologists work well together, as one is an initial evaluation process and the other allows for continued treatment and therapy.

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