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You’re thinking about a counselor for your child. A PLAY THERAPIST is the best solution

As you consider play therapy for your child, you probably have lots of questions. This video gives you an overview of what you can expect when your child begins play therapy with one of the therapists at The Kid Counselor Center. We want you and your kid to feel more comfortable right from the start. Take a look!

Help for your child. Relief for you!

Are you struggling with any of the following issues? Play therapy is UNIQUELY suited for the following:


Child anxiety


School behavior


Sibling rivalry


Autism spectrum disorders


Power struggles


Divorce & family changes






Dysregulated behavior


Eating & food issues




Academic difficulties

Play therapy is best, most universally suited therapy for children.

If you don’t see your issue in the list above, you can call (813) 421-5437 to schedule a FREE consultation and speak with a therapist to see if play therapy is a good fit.

Hear from parents that have gotten help for their kids at The Kid Counselor Center

Nikki’s Story

Listen to Nikki’s story of how The Kid Counselor, using Play Therapy, helped her and her family work through issues her daughter developed previous to her adoption.

Danielle’s Story

Phobias, anxiety, and fear are often overwhelming and debilitating for kids. Play Therapy is an effective treatment, restoring peace to the child.

Listen to Danielle’s story about her son overcoming his allergy phobia.

Monica’s Story

Cutting, anger, and depression are more and more common among pre-teens and adolescents.

Listen to Monica’s story about her daughter overcoming her need to self-harm and anger issues.

Read why parents trust The Kid Counselor Center

  • Dr. Brenna is amazing. Our son was having a lot of anxiety over his food allergies and became fearful to eat. After a few sessions with Dr. Brenna... read more

    Chris Labruzzo Avatar Chris Labruzzo
    March 5, 2022

    Over the summer I made the decision to take Dr. Brenna's online CPRT (Child Parent Relationship Therapy) online training. This is most certainly one of the best decisions I have... read more

    R albala Avatar R albala
    March 5, 2022

    I cannot say enough about the positive experience my son had with Ms. Brenna. Ms. Brenna helped him through a very difficult time and she did it with much patience,... read more

    Becky Avatar Becky
    March 5, 2019
  • Taking my son to Ms. Brenna was life changing. My 4 year old son was genetically pre-disposed to anger and behavioral issues and was being removed from school after school.... read more

    Kaley Tilney Avatar Kaley Tilney
    March 5, 2019

    I was at wits end - legitimately about to pull my hair out - because I could not figure out how to help my little man out.. he is 4... read more

    Jordan Braasch Avatar Jordan Braasch
    March 5, 2019

    My son saw Brenna in her office once a week for several month. During this time we saw great improvement in our son's behavior, however we really wanted to... read more

    Michael Aviolla Avatar Michael Aviolla
    March 5, 2020
  • Dr. Brenna has been amazing with my son! Sebastian experienced trauma and was in a vulnerable place, and Dr. Brenna made him instantly comfortable with her. They continued to bond... read more

    Stephanie Willis Avatar Stephanie Willis
    March 5, 2020

    This is going to be my favorite review by far! Brenna Hicks has a way with children. We brought our daughter to her as a shot in the dark,... read more

    Felisha Simpson Avatar Felisha Simpson
    March 5, 2020

    Dr. Hicks is wonderful with my son, and with me. She has brought a new dynamic to our home that is working and is based out of mutual respect,... read more

    Krystin Mondelli Avatar Krystin Mondelli
    March 5, 2019
  • Brenna is amazing! We first met with her to discuss our concerns with our daughter. She listened intently , and then gave us feedback that was really helpful from the... read more

    casey cheek Avatar casey cheek
    March 5, 2020

    Dr. Hicks was incredible in helping our son and us with play therapy. We were unsure if some of our 5 year old son's expressed feelings had a physical or... read more

    Terence Perenich Avatar Terence Perenich
    March 5, 2022

    Brenna is amazing! She is so gentle and loving but knows exactly how to get your child’s attention. My daughter is in love with Brenna and was so sad when... read more

    martha scoggins Avatar martha scoggins
    March 5, 2021
  • Dr. Hicks was instrumental in helping our six year old son. When we began therapy, he was plagued by anxiety and compulsive actions. As time progressed through treatment he began... read more

    Steven Hoschak Avatar Steven Hoschak
    March 5, 2022

    Within 3 or 4 visits to Brenna, my husband and I began to see noticeable changes in our daughter’s behavior. Looking back over the months her behavior is like night... read more

    Mallory Martin Avatar Mallory Martin
    March 5, 2020

    Definitely worth the time to help your child grow. Don’t expect to see results right away, but over time the play therapy does help you better understand how your child... read more

    Terry Steven Avatar Terry Steven
    March 5, 2021

The Kid Counselor Center – Child Therapists in Odessa, FL

Our Therapists offer the following services. Please call to schedule your FREE consultation when you are ready.
child therapy play therapy


The Kid Counselor Center specializes in play therapy and sand play therapy for children 3-14 years old. Children use play as their language and toys as their words. Discover how Play Therapy is the best fit to help children work through their issues.
parent coaching


Get private, one-on-one coaching from Dr. Hicks in this 10-week, play-based program for parents of children 3-10 years old. This course combines weekly training with video review and feedback of 30 minute play sessions of you with your child, implementing the Play Therapy skills.
in-home play therapy


Play Therapy sessions conducted by a parent has been researched and proven to be more effective than delivered by a therapist!  Our In-Home Play Therapy training empowers you, the parent, to build the relationship and create the environment needed for your child to get better.