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Parent Training

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Child-Parent Relationship Therapy

If you're looking to build more confidence in your parenting skills, this is, arguably, the best, most well researched parent training program you can take. Dr. Hicks has been teaching this program for more than a decade, and has gotten overwhelmingly positive results. Read the testimonials below, and then call (813) 421-5437 to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss the Parent Training program.
Using my skills daily and forever thankful to you and what you have made known to me in the realm of parenting.


Thank you AGAIN for sharing play therapy techniques with parents around the globe! You can be so proud of the positive change it makes in many kids' (and parents) lives.


I am amazed at how my son has responded to my use of reflective responding. It encourages me, and empowers me to continue using this skill!

M. Q. from Colorado

I'm starting to use the CPR-T techniques and tools more and more in everyday situations and I am amazed. It even works well with my almost 2 year old.

M. K. from South Africa

I have to say using A-C-T outside of the play session has worked tremendously in our home! It was so amazing to see this at work in our everyday life. Thank you so much for this skill, it has definitely changed the dynamic for the better in our house!

S. S. from North Carolina

We offer options all the time! and the ACT method is something I am constantly trying to use. It really makes a difference sometimes... Also, we're working hard on following through on consequences... I think I've all but eliminated value statements when I talk to the kids - or at least follow them up with an encouraging statement. And my hubbie seems to be picking this up too.


This week we were going to dinner with my parents and grandparents and I remembered that I need to be a thermostat, not a thermometer. I brought tons of things for entertainment and was prepared to take the boys on a walk when they were restless. It was the most pleasant restaurant experience I've had with my boys all because of what I learned through this training.


I must say that you Brenna have an amazing charisma of conveying messages or this program to all parents in the world. And I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this program with you as a teacher.


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